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At B&M Contractors, we give professional guidance to designs that will satisfy the desire for exclusive interiors, allowing our clients to see the designer’s perspective and capabilities within their beautiful personal living space, comfortably at their own pace.

This service allows for the procurement of other furnishings and not just the ones available from us.

To elevate our design experience, our service extends into providing photorealistic CGI visualisations that allow our clients to immerse themselves in their visionary design with all aspects such as finishes, materials, and lighting visualised in photo realistic CGIs.

Our specialism not only lies in residential homes, we can work with clients to design commercial  refurbishments.

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Our Professional Designers will take care of your needs.

We use our extensive industry knowledge to guide you through the process and come up with cost-effective solutions to your design needs.

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Interior Design Works Process

How our designers work with you step by step

Step 1

Getting to know you

Our designers need to learn about your family, your pets and the kind of things you like doing, the surroundings of your house, and the way you like things in your house.

For us to create a personal design for you and your family, we need to learn as much as we can about you.

Once you have decided on the ideas which bring your vision to life, we can then start on the strategic planning phase.

Other than this, your budget and goals are key features in deciding which design to go with. We aspire to give you a design that is per your taste and within budget.

During the design planning phase, there are several site visits, rigorous research, and surveys to better understand what you require as output.

Step 2

Design your Interior

During the design development stage, spaces are made functional so that they blend in well with the overall style.To facilitate this, new sketches are created that transform the space planning. These drawings are drawn to scale and sent for you to approve.

Once you approve the spacing, ideas are the converted to illustration, they include basic site plans, simple elevations, new floor plans to make use of blank spaces, and rough sections, then the designs will then be sent to you for review and approve.

When you approve the basic design plan, we’re all set to get creative and start on the design development phase, this is all about adding details to your design.

The idea is to create a fusion of your approved design with your architectural style. Say your house is mid-century modern. What kind of style details would accentuate the furnishing?

There are multiple questions that need a lot of thought, and our designers are experts in tackling such challenges. The same goes for other architectural styles, such as transitional styles, contemporary styles and modern-rustic.

Everything that we select, from finishes to flooring and tile to wooden pieces, is in sync with the design theme you approve and these are illustrated via new proposed floor plans, detailed drawings, wall elevations and other visual aids.

Apart from this, room layouts, fabrics, wall coverings, colour selection, millwork and cabinetry, textiles and lighting are taken care of.

The approved schematic design finalised in this phase is further developed. Floor plans and elevations are accentuated with accurate dimensions and additional details of colours, material, location of doors and windows, finishes, furnishing, etc. is also included in the design.

The final design is converted into 3D and sent to the you for approval.

Step 3

Design Development

Once you approve the design, we begin working on the construction documentation.

The approved design is translated into construction documents for contractors.These documents are essential for various contractors who will follow our lead, including but not limited to carpenters, plumbers, tile-setters, electricians, etc.

Interior construction documentation sets will give them everything they need to execute the design flawlessly. All specifications for executing interior design projects are included.

Approved construction documents are processed for cost estimation. Our experts moderate the execution to ensure its compliance with the design intent.

We put passion in everything that we do. Our team is backed by industry experience, skills and technical expertise, with skilled designers, drafters, and architects at our disposal, we’re here to help you bring your next project to life.

Step 4


Construction begins with compliance of specifications in the documentation set.

B&M Contractors will manage contractors on site, this involves following the completion of the project and working closely with relevant craftsmen, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that each stage of the project is carried out to the highest possible standards.


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